THE SANCTUARY, DEDICATED TO THE REGINA MONTIS REGALIS, LEAVES YOU ENCHANTED, WITH ITS FRESCOED ELLIPTIC CUPOLA, THE LARGEST ONE IN THE WORLD The history of the Sanctuary of Vicoforte began in 1594, although the legend of how it became to be began some fifty years prior, when a wayside shrine dedicated to the Madonna was […]

Mondovì, Infinite Wonder

The 3D journey, Infinitum, inside the Mission Church… where technology and art meet. Put on your futuristic 3D VR (virtual reality) glasses. Yes, in church! In Mondovì you can do. And, through these lenses you’ll see everything in a new, amplified way! You can paint with and meet Andrea Pozzo “in person”, the artist who, […]

Bastia, The Angels and Demons of San Fiorenzo

san fiorenzo
San Fiorenzo Church: The “caricatures” of the poor people’s Bible light up the walls Slippery snakes twist all over the place. They are huge and fat and they bite the three men in the head. Blood gushes out and they die. One of them has a hat on and seems to be dragging himself forward. […]

Mondovì, The Museum of Ceramics

Museo della ceramica Mondovì
Where you discover the artisanal tradition of the Monregalese. The productive and industrial history of Mondovì is inextricably linked to ceramics. Numerous important ceramic manufactures were active here in the 20th century, including the “Vecchia Mondovì” Besio factory, the Richard Ginori factory and the Beltrandi factory. Welcome to the Museum of Ceramics! Located in the […]

Mondovì – The Belvedere Tower… A great starting point!

Belvedere- A beautiful view over the Monregalese. Mountains, hills and plains for as far as the eye can see! From here you have a breathtaking view of the Monregalese territory as well as the Ligurian Alps and Monviso, the highest mountain in the province of Cuneo. You can also see the first slopes of the […]


On the road that goes from Valcasotto to Garessio, you will find the magnificent Casotto Castle, the Savoy Royal Palace built by Carlo Alberto on the remains of an ancient monastery and used on many occasions by Vittorio Emanuele II during his hunting trips. For many years the castle was considered the “sleeping beauty” in the woods, but […]

Mondovì, Piazza Maggiore

Piazza Maggiore, the Main Square of this Historic City Piazza Maggiore was the center of the political and administrative life of the Monregalese, and gave its name to this quarter – the old town with the most magnificent and oldest buildings. The square has a strange shape. It is on two levels, connected by a […]

Mondovì Breo, an Automation and a Dolphin

Mondovì Breo, the Church of San Pietro e Paolo In the Breo district of Mondovì the Church of Saints Peter and Paul stands on the square named after them. The baroque façade of the church is a distinguishing feature in Mondovì, above all because of the automation installed above it in 1798, a mechanical moor […]

Mondovì, Up and Down with the “Fune”

The journey between lower and upper Mondovì The funicular, or “fune” for short, which connects the lower part of Mondovì, Breo, with the upper part of Mondovì, Piazza, has always held a place in the hearts of the Mondovì residents. However, for a long time the locals had to forego the emotion of a ride […]

Mondovì, the Cathedral of San Donato

Only a few steps from the green area of the Belvedere Gardens is the Bishop’s Palace (Vescovado). Here, in the tapestry room (Sala degli Arazzi), you can see an ivory crucifix attributed to Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Continue on to the Cathedral of San Donato, where the seat of the bishops of Mondovì has stood since […]

Augusta Bagiennorum, Roma at the foothills of the Alps

The ruins of the ancient city, and in town a Museum with remains and reconstructions in 3D “Acta est fabula, plaudite!” C. Suetonius Tranquillus De Vita Caesarum, II – Augustus (99-100) Suetonius describes in this way the last moments of Octavian Augustus’ life in his “De vitaCaesarum”. It was the 19th of august of 14 […]


A medieval village that is a little jewel And then on to Garessio: “the most beautiful hamlet in Italy”. It’s not an opinion, because the historical centre of Garessio was actually selected by the association itself, which granted the recognition, just to be clear, only to 14 places throughout Piedmont. On reaching the Square of […]


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