Il Giro del Marguareis -Hiking Trail

Il Giro del Marguareis -Hiking Trail 🏃‍♂️ Curvy and windy slopes suddenly give way to steep, deep abysses. Baren and dry lunar landscapes are followed by lush, green forests. Mountain streams play hide and seek, running underground and then unexpectedly gushing up into daylight. This is how the beauty of the Ligurian Alps presents itself, […]

Mondolé Ski

Four ski resorts unite to make one large ski area with more than 130 km of slopes and four main access points When winter arrives in the mountains of the Monregalese, one’s mind immediately turns to skiing and to the many small to medium-sized ski areas that have sprung up over the years between meadows […]

The “Balconata di Ormea” – Hiking Route

The “Balconata di Ormea” hiking route 🚴‍♂️🚶‍♂️ The route leads through abandoned hamlets as well as settlements that are inhabited all year long, past centuries-old chestnut trees, wayside shrines, alpine pastures and hidden lakes. The “Balconata di Ormea” is a 40 km long panoramic hiking trail that runs on the left side of the Tanaro […]

The Upper Salt Road “Alta via del sale” – Hiking Route

🚴‍♂️ 🚶‍♂️🚗🏍 On foot, by bike or with 4-wheel drive vehicles For some, it’s the most spectacular gravel road in Europe, but for everyone, this former military road “Monesi-Tenda” is a highlight that you can enjoy step by step or with every turn of the pedal. The 40-kilometer panoramic route winds its way along the […]

“Roà Marenca”: the old way from the valleys to the sea

The road that connects the Monregalese valleys to the sea is more than 100 km in length with an altitude gain of 5,000 meters. Many paths and ancient roads, handed down from generation to generation, were already used by people in the Neolithic. Then came trade and smugglers, but also soldiers and entire armies (like […]

Discovering the Ellero Valley

Discover the Ellero Valley in winter: snowshoeing, skiing and sledding What promises more adventure, fascination and romance than a dog sled ride along a snowy slope in the middle of an untouched valley… like in Jack London’s times? You can experience just this in the Ellero Valley. To organize your unforgettable tour, contact the “Antiche […]

The mediterranean alps cycle route

The sighs of the sea, the Piedmontese plain which teems with activity, the jagged outlines of the French and Italian Alps. The environments that converge in the massif of the Marguareis are many and varied, the barycentre of a fascinating and silent alpine belt which has always been rich in mule trails, sheep tracks, dirt […]

Di giro in giro: Scoprire la Valle Ellero

L’associazione Kyè+ presenta il progetto “Di giro in giro” cinque percorsi ad anello tutti da esplorare


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